Apple automatic liner weighing machine & Chicken feet screw weigher


Fast Feeding and Slow Feeding are controlled by PLC, do not need additional vibrator.

Pneumatic controlled flaps are installed on the top of the pan edge.

Robust and heavy design, built by 40% more stainless steel than other suppliers in China.

Overweight discharge function to discharge the unqualified (overweight or lower weight) products by second chute.

Weighing hopper volume is available in 1L, 2L,, 3L, 5L and 7L.

Low power consumption: 1kW, 220Vac single phase, 50/60Hz

Apple automatic liner weighing machine


It is common knowledge that eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are more than fruit in the contemporary commercial world; they signify good health. The client approached us and requested that we create an efficient apple for their diet business.

Apple stated that the market standard is a 10-head linear or sorting weigher. However, we created a 14-head apple linear belt scale for our clients and linked a belt conveyor to the bottom to alleviate the problem of the apple falling off after the weigh-in and the cushion in the hopper.14 automatic linear said, the two ends for the seven linear said. This is a good increase in efficiency is also a good solution to customer space-saving needs for the back access to the packaging machine to provide a large space.



Chicken feet are served as snack food or appetizer in China, there is huge demand here and even that we import the chicken from Brazil, USA.

One of ConFil partners who is vacuum packaging machine manufacture sent an inquire to us, that they need filling solution for chicken feet into small pouch for retail and 750gram pouch for restaurants supplying chain.

Customer requirement:

1- target weight: 250g ±2.5g, 670g ± 20g

2- capacity: 40wpm.

3- vacuum package with sauce.

4- 2 shift a day, daily wash-down.


1- Products are cut into different shapes, pre-cooked, bone-in or bone free. It’s difficult to control the feeding by vibration feeder.

2- Products are pre-mixed with pepper.


We use  screw feeder to control the product level

Post time: Jul-06-2023