Mirco Weigher

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Mirco weigher weighers are IP65 waterproof chassis, equipped with drying dewatering device, which can effectively prevent damage to electrical components of chassis. The  screw feeding weighers is adopted screw feeding, which effectively prevents sticky material from sticking. It is suitable for super-sticky meat materials such as chicken, pork, dumb oil, fish, pickle.

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Machine Name Frozen Food Weigher
Application Frozen food
Available Weighing Units 10, 14, 16 heads
Feeding Method Main Feeder: vibration or rotary / Radial Feeder: vibration
Weighing Hopper Nominal Capacity 2.5, 3.0 liter
Ingress Protection IP65 compatible


Machine Code   10 Head 14 Head 16 Head
Max. Weighing Speed* [ CPM] 55 90 90
Weighing Capacity (per head) [ Gram ] Depends on machine configuration, max. 2 kg
Minimum Graduation [ Gram ] 0.1
Target Weight Range [ Gram ] Depends on machine configuration

Mini. 20 gram, max. 5 kg

Machine Net Weight** [ Kg ] Approx. 380 Approx. 420 Approx. 470
Power Supply [ kW ] 1.2 2.0 2.3
Compressed Air   Depends on machine configuration

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